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Friday, January 27, 2012

New Lay-outs :)

Hello all!! I'm back on this beautiful Monday to share with you some more scrapbook projects.
First up is my take on the January Sketch at Crafty Sketches. This site is ran by a new cyber friend, Annette, at Noel Mignon. Noel posted about her site on the boards and when I visited it, I fell in love with this sketch. If you are looking for a new sketch site you need to give Crafty Sketches a visit.

This lay-out is based on Sketch #3-12, from one of my oldest and dearest cyber friends, Ali, from Creatively Yours. I had a lot of fun with this one, too. These photos are from the water park last year. They are special to me because Carley was going through a rough time and she looks so incredibly happy.

Last but not least is my take on Lisa Day's January Sketch at Noel Mignon. When I saw this photo of Carley and Savannah from Christmas, it became an instant favorite of mine. I can't believe how much Carley has grown and Savannah for that matter.

I'm happy to say that since the beginning of this year, I have been on a scrapbooking roll. I hope it continues. I sure need to get caught up from last year. Thanks for visiting me and taking a peek at what I've been up to. Until next time...

Friday, January 20, 2012

US-5 Years Later

When Carley was 4 years old, her Aunt Cindy and I took her and Austin to the BJCC in Birmingham to see Cats on Broadway. Before we went into the arena, we stopped to snap some pics in front of the fountain. Five years later, November of last year, Carley and I went with her Girl Scout Troop to see Disney on Ice. We also stopped in front of the fountain for pictures. I had forgotten about the previous picture until the next day. I knew, as soon as I remembered, that I wanted to make a lay-out using these two photos. So here we are 5 years later...

A lot has happened since that 4 year old little girl, in her red striped dress, was in my ear whispering, "Mom, did you see that?" as she was watching the dancers on the stage, but one thing remains...she will always be my little girl!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Noel Mignon Sketch

I'm back today to share my Many Faces of Gavin layout based on Jana Eubank's sketch for noelmignon.com. I also used the Hudson Valley kit for Noel Mignon. The pics were taken at his Aunt Melinda's at our Yielding family Christmas. He is growing so fast. Thanks for looking!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Project LIfe 2012

I am been so excited all weekend to get started on my Project Life album. I finally finished my December Daily last night, so I could get started today. I didn't order the Project Life Kit. I have way to much scrappy supply to justify purchasing it. I did buy an album and page protectors to get started. It is really fun putting these pages together. Not to mention, I scrapped two whole weeks of photos in about 3 hours. I am so far behind on my pictures, but with this approach, I feel like that will not be the case this year. That is exciting to me. So here are my first two weeks pages. Enjoy!!!
Week one:

Week two:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

December Daily 14-20

I'm back today to share more pages of my DD. It's still not completely finished but I'm hoping to have it done by this week...Project Life is calling my name.
Each year, we have a Christmas Party with our daycare kids. We celebrate with treats at snack and stockings filled with goodies to take home.

Day 15-The kids and I went to Wal-mart and somehow a Gingerbread house made it into our buggy.:) The had so much fun putting it together. Day 16-The kids were suppose to be with their dad for the weekend but that didn't happen at the last minute, so Jason suggested be take them to eat and look at Christmas lights in Fulton. On the way home we made up our own version of the 12 days of Christmas.

Day 17 was the Christmas party with the Flippo's. We had such a fun time. The kids played and the adults mingled. We played Dirty Santa and judged the Ugly Sweater contest. It was a great night!!

It the plastic sleeves, I added more photos from the party. The Christmas Cards we received this year were placed inside the red pocket page.

On the 18th, Aunt Cindy kept Carley and Gavin while Jason and I headed to Tupelo for more Christmas shopping. They went and cut down a real tree and decorated it. On the way back from Tupelo, we stopped in Red Bay to see Myli Scott in her Christmas Play.

The morning of the 19th was the big day that our pug, Sadie, had her puppies.

That night was also the first band concert for my nephew, Matthew. I had forgotten to put the program from his concert in, so I stapled it over the journaling for Sadie's puppies. The sweet tree was made by Gavin.

It was all about school Christmas parties on the 20th. I took pics of each of them with their goodies. This beautiful tree was made by Carley.:)

I'll be back in a few day with the next few pages. Thanks for looking!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

One Little Word 2012

It's that time of year. One Little World is all abuzz in the cyber scrapbooking world. Everyone is picking out their word and giving there reasons for picking it...such strong powerful words with strong powerful messages. It's a time to reflect upon your life and the coming year and pick a word that you need to work on to make your life better and to be a better person from the inside out. This is my second year to participate. I have been praying the past few days over what my word for the year would be and the Lord has really been convicting me on being PRESENT...Present with my children, with my husband, on the job, and yes, with God. I am guilty, so guilty of not just stopping whatever I am doing and being right there in the moment. I can't tell you the number of times that I have been "busy" doing something and Carley or Gavin or even Mom would come up to me and say something and I would be so engulfed in what was in front of me, that I didn't even comprehend what they were trying to tell me. I know it's hard, being a mother, wife, daughter, daycare provider, sister, friend, taxi driver, lunch maker, house cleaner, and so on, and be able to delegate it all. But, you know what, it is a blessing to me that I have two beautiful children to be a mother to, a wonderful God-given spouse to be a wife to, 12 beautiful daycare children to provide for, a Godly, strong mother to be a daughter to, sisters and brothers to be a sister to, etc...I can't bear the thought of waking up one day and it all be gone. I want to be able to have and be there for them to the best of my ability. I know that each and every one of those relationships are a gift from God. I know that God speaks to us in those moments when we are too busy to hear, to reach out to the people He has put in our path on a daily basis. It's in those moments we minister the love of God and those are the moments we miss when we are not present and not in God's presence. Most of all, I know I have a Father in Heaven that longs for time with me and that's why He keeps whispering to my spirit to just be here now...be in the present. So, that will be the word I will be working on this year, to be here now...to be present.
If you would like to know more about One Little Word, you can read more about it on Ali Edwards blog here. The above photo is courtesy of mfrancesjewelry on etsy.com. You can purchase a word necklace from her here.
What will your word be??

Thursday, January 5, 2012

December Daily 2011

I'm back to share a few more pages from my December Daily!! I love the way it is turning out. It's ALOT of work but I'm so glad I did it. These are moments that I will cherish for years to come and I would have forgotten a lot of them if I hadn't created this book. From Family night to making up silly songs in the car, I know Carley and Gavin will look back on these moments when they are older and remember the holidays and events we did this month as a family!! That means a lot to me. I want them to always remember how loved they are and how much I cherish my family. This was also a special Christmas because it was our first Christmas since Jason and I married.
This photo is the Santa Letters Carley and Gavin wrote on the 3rd.

Our first snow of the year and the morning Sadie (our pug) "put gum behind Gavin's ear:"

Photos of our new house :)

Proofs of Carley and Gavin's school pictures:

Our family Christmas Card:

On the 9th, we went and enjoyed a Christmas Night in Hamilton at the Ramp. On the right is the program from the play.

The 10th was the Christmas Parade and our trip with Ms. Linda, to Birmingham, Christmas shopping.

On Sunday, we attended Ms. Linda's church at Happy Hill Church of God to see their Christmas Play.

The 12th was the dreaded morning I had to have dental work and the 13th we enjoyed our first egg nog of the season.

I'll be back to share more soon!!! Until next time....

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For my husband...

I did it! I hurt my husband's feelings. Although, he would never just say out loud, "you hurt my feelings!" I did. Apparently, as he was reading my blog bio and Facebook info., he read the words "I am married to this boy I really like." So, when he comes by to drop the kids off to me at work, he tells me he doesn't know why he is kissing me bye since I just really LIKE him. The rest of the day he jokes with me asking "do you really LIKE that baby?" or "I guess that's something you really LIKE!" or I'm glad you LIKE that baby!" Of course, I apologized and tried to explain it was just a saying and he knows I don't just "really LIKE" him, I really LOVE him! So today I am going to list a few of the reason I LOVE my husband!! So here it goes...
I LOVE my husband because...
1. He LOVES Jesus and I know for a fact you can't love your spouse as you should unless you LOVE Jesus first.
2. I LOVE how we are always going and doing something on the weekends. I would have never realized how beautiful the lights of Florence are from Cliff Haven subdivision or how romantic riding by the water is if it wasn't for my husband.
3. He is a Godly example for my children and took them as his own when he married me. That really means the world to me because we are a package, my kids and I, and he was happy to take us all.
4. He takes care of the kids for me while I run errands, fall asleep on the couch, take a long bubble bath, and even when I'm at work and they are out of school. He also drops them off at Girl Scouts or Football practice if I can't make it...all without complaint and he actually enjoys doing it!!
5. I LOVE that he will go to bed early and watch TV just because he knows that I sleep so much better laying on his arm. (and he wants to be close to me, too!)
6. I LOVE that he holds my hand in church and tucks it up under his arm when he crosses his.
7. I LOVE that he turns off the bathroom light on Gavin just to hear him yell, "Daddy!"
8. I LOVE that he hugs Carley and reads her princess stories.
9. I LOVE that he always lets me pick where we are eating, unless I insist on him picking cause I can't make up my mind.
10. I LOVE that he notices all the details...like my obsession with rugs and flowers and my over abundant supply of items that I keep because we "may need it someday!"
11. I LOVE how he just stops and looks at me and tells me I'm beautiful when I'm getting ready for church or to go out on a date with him.
12. I LOVE that he hugs me out of the blue all the time, without me hugging him first.
13. I LOVE that he looks at what I scrapbook and actually likes that I do it.
14. I LOVE that he pays attention to my needs and does his best to supply then, like my phone charger he put in my stocking so I could charge my phone at work.
15. I LOVE that he is a man of his word and he keeps his word, no matter how big or small and he won't give his word unless he is sure he can follow through.
16. I LOVE that he is thankful and grateful and he isn't too big of a man to say so.
17. I LOVE to watch him sing and play bass.
18. I LOVE that he prays before meals, even in a crowded restaurant.
19. I LOVE when he sends me texts saying how wonderful I am and how happy he is to have me and my favorite text of all, "I love you, Woman-'O-Mine."
20. I LOVE that I feel happy instead of sad when I watch a romantic movie or hear a love song, because I have that kind of love. It's a love I will love having the rest of my life. Thank you, Baby for loving me cause I really, really LOVE you!!!

P.S. I changed my bio and info to read...I am married to the man of my dreams and he makes me one happy girl!! I LOVE you, Man-'O-Mine!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 of 2011

Hello Everyone! I'm glad to be back after my Christmas vacation just in time to share with you my Top 10 of 2011. These are in no particular order, just my 10 favorite projects from last year.

1. My December Daily Cover...I love this whole book!! Although all of my pages aren't completed yet, I love how it is turning out.

2. Norah and Enzlie-This is actually a custom piece that I didn't get to keep but I loved how the butterfly shape turned out.

3. J&E-This lay-out is one of my favorites for sentimental reasons. This photo was taken the night Jason asked me to marry him. Secret notes to each other are all tucked inside the envelope. This is something I will treasure the rest of my life.

4. The Barnett's-I made this frame as a birthday gift for my SIL, Deb. This is the first one I had ever done and I love how it turned out.

5. These are initials I altered to go on the doors of the church Jason and I were married at. I loved the handmade flowers and pearl accents.

6. Your Love Makes Me Sing-The photo on this lay-out is my absolute favorite photo of Carley. I have really battled this year with Carley's happiness since the divorce and this picture shows that Carley is happy. It brings such peace to my soul!! This would probably be my absolute favorite of the year, just for the photo alone.

7. The mother album I made my Momma-in-love for her birthday..

8. Making Faces-this one is such a fun lay-out. Anytime I am taking pictures of Carley and Gavin, they have to get the sillies out before I get the shot I'm looking for. Don't tell them I secretly love the silly photos the best!

9. First Day of 3rd Grade-I really love the design of this...definitely one of my favorite school lay-outs.

10. Proof of Life-this is my journal cover from my class I took from the fabulous Virginia Tillery. I think this is the first time I really settled into "my style" of scrapbooking. This is so me and I love it!!!

So there you have it...my Top 10 of 2011!! Thanks for visiting and I'll be back soon to post more pics of my December Daily!