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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day I have been blessed in my life to have not one...not two...but three Moms to celebrate this Mother's Day. Here we are with all three at our wedding:
To my God Given Mom (in the middle), I thank God every day that He made you my mom. Thank you for raising me, Sherry, Melinda, and Cindy to be close and to take care of each other. Thank you for always putting us first, even now...although we are ALL okay and it's time to start worrying about yourself for a change. Thank you for teaching us to love our enemy and reminding us that God loves them, too. Thank you for your sacrifice, even through the hardest of times, you were the ray of light offering us wisdom and showing us what unconditional love is all about. Thank you for wanting to protect us and fix our problems and for always being there when we need you and even when we think we don't. Thank you for sticking up for your Grandchildren even when they NEED to be in trouble because you love them so much you hate to see them punished for anything. Thank you for working with me every day...most days even working harder than I do to take care of these babies we are blessed to keep. Thank you, Mom!! I could never tell you enough how much you mean to me, how lost I would be without you, how blessed I am to have you, and I much I truly, deeply love you!!! To my Momma-in-Love (on the right), Thank you for raising the man of my dreams that I would one day marry. Thank you for pouring into him a love for God that is like no other. Thank you for raising him to love God, to be the head of his household, and to be the Godly example we all need. Thank you for showing him how to love...first of all me...and second, Carley and Gavin. Not only is Jason a God-send to me, but he is a God-send to them as well. Thank you for teaching him what it means to have honesty, loyalty and integrity and the desire to always strive to live right and be right. Thank you for accepting me and Carley and Gavin into your heart and for always being there for us when we need you. Thank you for cleaning my kitchen when you stay the night, even though you know you don't have to do that!! But, I do appreciate it and I appreciate you!! I am so blessed to have you as my Momma-in-Love. I couldn't have prayed for a better one. I love you!! To my Mama Brenda (on the left): I know sometimes it's hard when you are a part of a blended family. I know we have been through a lot but I am thankful for where we are now. I love the fact that I can have you and Mom together in one place, whether it's for holidays of birthday parties and knowing that what differences that were had in the past are gone. I know people look at us crazy when they see a Mother and a Step-mother together in harmony...but that is what family and forgiveness is about. I am thankful that we can be that testimony of what forgiveness is and all come together and be a family. Thank you for always being there with a gentle ear and big heart. Thank you for loving Daddy and for being a wonderful Maw Maw to my babies. We love you!! I think being a Mother is one of the hardest jobs on Earth and the most rewarding. I also believe it is one of the highest callings given by God. It's an important job to raise our babies to love the Lord, to be mentally secure and sound, and to help them because successful adults. It is our job to pray for our families, to heal wounds and kiss boo boo's, to give hugs and encouragement, and to be there with open arms while raising our kids to be independent. It's hard to sit and let your children learn from their mistakes while your heart aches to fix it for them. It's also hard to be the glue the holds the family together. Sometimes we feel that we may have been forgotten and it's easy to get discouraged when you are fulfilling a calling like we as mother's have, but God sees everything that we do and He is always there. Sometimes I can't help but ask God what made Him think I could do this. It's because He knows we can. He has faith in us to be all that we need to be for our children and our families. I thank Him every day for His blessings and for giving me two of my most precious gifts, Carley and Gavin. So to all the mother's out there, today is your day!!! A day to celebrate all that God has blessed you with and the calling that God has placed on your life. Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Oh Elisha you girls are my greatest gift. What a blessing to be called Mom. Now I will wipe the tears away and go about doing what I do best, be your Mom. You are an awesome mom in your own right,those grands are blessed to have you the greatest Mom, I love you more than life. So thankful that God has allowed us to remain close,even that I get to work with you. You girls have helped me keep my sanity when many times I would have lost it. You girls are the reason I get out of bed each day, my reason to live. I love you mostest!!

  2. The sweet comment above is from my Mom!!:)

  3. Elisha, your post was beautifully written... WONDERFUL thoughts and so much caring shown there... xoxox