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Friday, June 15, 2012

Thank you for taking them for ice cream, for tucking them in at night, for reading Carley princess stories, for "teaching' Gavin to play guitar, for babysitting while I'm at work, for taking them to karate and dance, for sitting through kid's movies on family night, and eating McDonald's when it's Gavin's turn to pick the food, for tolerating Mr. Mistoffalee's when he sits on the hood of your newly painted Nova cause you know Carley loves him so much, for disposing of all the dead animals Carley tries to save, for racing cars with Gavin, for combing his hair and washing his face, and telling Carley she's pretty, for joking with them and laughing with them, and teaching them what's right, and most of all being an example that loves Jesus. Not only are you a godsend to me, but you are a godsend to them, too. Thank you for all that you do!! We love you, Daddy!! Happy Father's Day!!!

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